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1927 Postcard

There has been a Methodist Presence in Yiewsley/West Drayton since 1872, the above picture shows how it was envisaged that Yiewsley would follow in the tradition of the great ‘Central Halls’ and that tradition is very much honoured today.

In contrast with 1927 our building looks considerably different today, however it is still valued and viewed by many as being central to the community it serves.

Although our congregation in terms of numbers may be quite small in relation to the size of our premises, our heart and commitment is huge.

Not only do we offer Sunday worship, we actively run a number of groups led by church members these include:

Saturday – Weekly Coffee morning where freshly made homemade cakes and tea can be purchased for 60p- each week the money raised goes to a local charity and on average £3,500 is raised each year through coffee mornings led by church members.

If I had to summarise Yiewsley Methodist Church in two words it would be Generosity and Hardwork.

Not only do the members take part in all of the above, they have also worked hard to ensure that they are known throughout the wider community for their willingness to accommodate a number of charitable groups, who would not be able to run without the churches help. These include REAP (Charity for Refugees), Cancer support, Dimensions (for people with learning difficulties) and the yiewsley and West Drayton Foodbank.

The original aims of the Methodist Central Halls were to meet the needs of the relatively poor people living in the town and city centres and to do something akin to what we would call urban regeneration today, so they developed the idea to use town centre street level frontages for shops which they could get an income from. They provided regular Saturday evening entertainment alongside Sunday worship and were built deliberately to not look like churches.

Yiewsley Methodist Church has continued in that long tradition, adapting and changing through the years but retaining at its heart the desire to be the light of Christ. Although our church is not open for worship or groups at the moment it continues to watch over one another in love and my prayer is that it will do so for many years to come. 



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