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roff roof

roof roof

We have been preparing for a number of years for our church roof repairs and budgeted for this in advance. 

The pre-pandemic quotations have all “gone through the roof” – to coin a phrase!

The long-awaited roof repairs finally started at the end of May.

We are actively applying for grants and will be engaging in fund-raising

so watch this space……….


Budget for roof repairs and other maintenance and conduct events to raise money in 2023

Run training for bereavement Care Volunteers by September 2023

Grow the congregation by 50 persons by 2024 and promote the love of God
by building relationships with each one of them.

Increase attendees at Sunday services to 50 by 2024

Continue to raise money for mission, ministry and renovations

Resume pre-pandemic activities (fellowship clubs and prayer meetings) and offer 3 new activities by 2024

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